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(An SFW Visual Novel, Though it is advised that you are at least 18+ in order to play)

"With that, go! Enjoy this adventure of a lifetime...Not many are able to leave this world behind, nor have the courage to do so...Therefore...."

"Find Your Spectrum"

You are Rayne, an overworked yet messy student dealing with his own life. One second you encountered a strange maiden, the other second you woke up in a different body, in a whole new world. He soon finds himself trying to enjoy life as a completely different person. Join him as he uncovers the identity of this new body, finds friends and enemies, or even a way back home.

Would he find this new life much to his liking or so much worse than his own?

Written, sprites, illustrations, and coded by Kascade
Backgrounds by Noraneko Games and Uncle Mugen

Updated 24 days ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(24 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel, Adventure
TagsCasual, Comedy, Furry, LGBTQIA, Slice Of Life


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I love this VN! I mean, I felt good reading this, It's been some time since a VN made me feel something like that. The characters are relatable and lovely, the art is fantastic and the story is heartwarming and mysterious, I can't help but love it. 

I'll be waiting for the next updates! 

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Thank you! This comment made me feel motivated to continue >:D


As I said, I'll be waiting for more! 

it out it out #hype like a cat on 10 bottle of catnip

i really love this VN! the art is very cute and i really love the story! the story may be short but i look forward on how the story goes! :D
and i love the humor too! (if yknow what i mean...) its really amazing! keep the amazing work! its really cool man!

also will there be a discord server? just asking

Thanks the story only get better from there, trust me! 

As for discord...I don't know, I never really thought anyone would be that interested with this visual novel, but possibly? We'll just have to see :)

Can you please add platform tags so the people on the itch.io desktop launcher can easily download the VN


it good it really nice actualy pls keep em coming


Will do! <3


i really like the "humore" on one of em(you know who) hes really ...( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


I wonder who... ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

is there any update schedule? like every week or month?
or depent on how long will it take?

It was weekly before...but now, I feel like doing it monthly fits my schedule better :)

Um... are you sure you have added a new episode? I'm still having only the first one...

Your save doesnt work Right now Just go to the Chapt Sl and choose the next one

Lol, yeah. I'e tried to launch the game thorught itch.io app and for some reason it launches old version while simultaniously refusing to recognise the update. Whelp


Oh! I may know the reason to that problem. Sorry for the mistake, I'll work on it as soon as I can. Deepest apologies! <3

I’m glad there won’t be any nsfw content in this game considering the protagonist is basically shota…

Yeah, drawing nsfw scenes would make me unconfortable tbh :/


I second Deejay's statement. Except there has to be more than just Ross and Ollie, Rainbows have 6 or 7 colors after all! so 5 to 7 main cast including MC???

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That is an impressively well-thought-out theory! <3

Don't want o be overburdening you, but colors! There is one other VN at he moment which uses the rainbow as well, but it feels a good deal different from yours.  Ross alone is all that needs to make it way different!

Never Imagined Ross being a big asset of this vn lmao


He is a sweet ass, not an ass hole! X3 Ass set as one can be! (ugg I'm terrible at this XD)


( • ̀ω•́ )


Never did a visual novel grasp my attention so well with just a demo!
The writing is enjoyable to read, and the sprites are so cuteeee!
Really excited to see how this vn will continue, and omg I can't wait to get more of Ross!! <3


I AM GENUINELY GLAD,  NO,  HAPPY! Know what?  No words can express my happiness. Thank you so much for taking your time to check out my silly vn! <3



I am so Lost like what???? I see screenshots of Furrys`nstuff but when I start am like Ok This is a weird but cool start. Then I get Punched and hit by a car and it ends?? So the Screenshots is that like Beta stuff not yet posted or am I dumb and somehow missed it all?


Ahhhhh! I'm sorry! No. You're not dumb, the pictures are the demo. when you hit start, the "game" starts. The "game" is still in progress, currently I only manage to make the prologue. To access the demo,  or to kinda understand the vibe this vn brings, the demo is in the chapters menu. So sorry for the inconvenience. Hopefully,  you can find enjoyment in this vn! <3

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Literally went back to my itch.io account 1 year later just to comment how amazing the vn is so far! I love it! I'm not a writer, so I couldn't give any feedback. BUT what I'm waiting for is the music! Any plans to have someone make or use royalty free music? I'd love to hear more from the project! AHHHHHH KEEP GOING

ASJKSJKJSKJJSJJS THANK YOU!!  I have to agree with you,  Good music makes a great vn.  I wanted to make it on my own,  however I'm not talented enough...maybe in the future who knows. For now, I'll see what I can do. But yes,  music is something I want to add into this vn :)

yes we got more of the story woo thank you kas im going to play it now hope that you can continue the game take you time with it ok

AKSJSKJSKSJSKSJ THANK YOU FOR YOUR ENCOURAGING SUPPORT! I m-mean... Ahem,  Appreciate the comment! Please inform me if anything happened, ok? 


its cute and I liked that, but I was also a bit confused as to who the MC was and why he was there and what he was doing.  All questions to be sorted out as the story progresses Im sure.

Look forward to reading more and figuring out whats really going on (the colour change bit was new and different, I liked it!)

Thank you for your reponse! Yeah,  I intended to make everyone there a bit..mysterious? The demo was supposed to capture their everyday life. Not many infos are shown to better illustrate them, but all of that will be revealed later as the story progresses,  like you said :D

A good start, a couple spelling errors and the owl won't wear his damn glasses, but this definitely one to keep an eye on. Great Job.

The script was written very late at night so it would make sense why... Thank you for the feedback!

Could you please update the game. it was really interesting to play and i really enjoyed it, now i really want to know whats gonna happen next :)


Aww! Thank you! Love the enthusiasm! I'll try my best to update the game, but there are still unfinished works that needed to be done before the stories begin... So, please be patient,  appreciate the comment! 

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:D I also really love the art style

Thank you!  :D

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Not too shabby so far! I like the character designs, really fun stuff. 

I feel like the story is rushing itself a little bit at times, but I realize it's still early in development so anything could happen. Had to go through a second time to figure out why he was changing colors, since the whole "I'm not sure how it works in this world" kinda threw me off and confused me as to what was going on. If I hadn't read the game description here on itch, I wouldn't have recognized that he was talking about having been transported to this new world and taken on someone else's body. 

But as it stands, references to talking about "what this guy did to his body" to get the scars, how winter foxes biology works "in this world" etc. are a bit confusing. Not sure if there's gonna be a flashback later to explain what's going on or if additional content is supposed to go before all this, but I guess time will tell. Good work though, I'm anxious to see where you take this :)

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I guess I really gotta see it from the readers perspective really, it is hard to understand without contexts. So,  thank you for telling me that! Everything is suppose to be explained later in episode 1 :)


nice game so far 

Thank you!


I'm really enjoying this so far! There isn't much yet but it still got me interested and hooked to see where the story is going to go. I'll be looking out for this one. Can't wait for future updates. Keep up the amazing work!

I appreciate the reply! Glad to know that you're enjoying it, I'll try my best to improve the rest and release chapter 1 as fast as I can. Thanks for the reply!