New Build Coming Soon!

Greetings! Once again! It's Kas!

Here's your weekly update, I've been:

1. Re-working everyone's sprites (plus, change/add new ones) 

2. Writing the first chapter (Which is coming soon~)

3. Improving the gui 

4. Attempted to make a main menu theme for Rainbow (I failed... But I'll try again later)  

Tbh,  I've planned the storyline of Rainbow way back before I started turning it into a VN... I just gotta convey them into words and sentences... Episode one would be released soon,  possibly sooner than you expected.  So,  be vigilant! 

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Me too!

buff dog 🐶

he's a big one, isn't he? :p

That's what THEY said! 🤭

excited!!! can't wait to continue the story<333

(1 edit) (+1)

Yeah, same!