Build 1.0 : Prologue

"to find a place where you won't feel estranged"

Hello, It's your weekly Kas!  

The Time Has Come, my friends! The start of a whole NEW adventure...


This build contains:

• The Prologue: A story on how Rayne appered in the new world

• 2 NEW Illustrations

• A "Chapters" menu (the demo can be access from there, plus future episodes) 

• NEW Natalie sprites

• NEW Maiden sprites

• NEW Ollie sprites

• NEW Ross sprites

• NEW Rayne sprites

• NEW presplash for android

• NEW improved GUI

All the old bugs from the previous build should be fixed,  however it is recommend to inform me if you found any errors or mispronounciation! It'll greatly help me improve the game :D

Now with this newfound context,  Rayne's adventure in this new world shall begin.  See you soon!

- Kas <3

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