Build 1.4 : Episode 3 and 4 are OUT!

Hello, hello, hello! It tis' I, Occasional Kas!

I have returned with such joyous news!

Episode 3 and 4 are both ready to be listened by my beloved friends!

Episode 3:

- After finally feeling watched by a myterious figure, Rayne discovers a new friend next door...

Episode 4:

- Rayne couldn't stop feeling awkward tensions when it comes to talking with one of them alone. Perhaps, a day with one would help release some of those tension a bit?...

Apologies for such long inactivity and greatest GRATITUDE TO EVERYONE WHO STILL CHECKS THIS VN FOR UPDATES! I will not let your hopes die in vain...

Now, silence your voices, lend me your ears,

For this is quite the story you'll want to hear...

Utmost Sincerity,

-Kas <3

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Oct 26, 2022 194 MB
Oct 26, 2022 214 MB
Oct 26, 2022

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Been awhile since I checked on this, what a delight to see how the official story and initial demo link up!  Bright, vibrant, cheery, FUNNY AS HELL! XD

New title screen! <3

Ollie has spent too much time with Ross! XD

White Fox, Red Owl, Orange Retriever, Yellow Lion?, Cyan Bear? Pink Bear?

Green ? ? Blue ? ? Purple ? ?

Checking if I'm following properly

Chapters are really short..., but if you updating frequently it balances out!  Can't wait to spend time with everyfuzzy!

Well, I can't wait to introduce all the characters to everyone! Although it's a slow process

Too bring color to one life takes time! ^^

Woooo nice new update :)

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WOOOO im so happy since i finally get my hope complete at last! my "everyday check" didnt go to wasted XD